Worlds first Tea Fusion Tricycle

by | Feb 15, 2017 | News

A Runcorn Inventor has developed the worlds first Tea Fusion Tricycle

Dad-of-two Mike Wheelhouse can now serve freshly brewed loose leaf tea in less than a minute from his mobile machine.

Unilever spent almost 10 years developing Tea fusion, a tea machine which delivers freshly brewed loose leaf tea in less than a minute as part of their popular Lipton brand.

Mikes Urban Culture has created a various range of Tricycles, including coffee trikes for the London fashion show and various trikes for the Economist magazine. He is currently designing another trike for Chester Zoo, and collaborating with TV style guru Gok Wan on another. He said “ I had seen Tea Fusions  machine at an Exhibition in London and just knew I had to somehow develop a Tricycle to showcase this fantastic product.

Lisa Badger, Tea Fusion marketing manager, said “Tea Fusion has a range of 12 Rainforest Alliance Certified teas and infusions that offer something for everyone’s taste.

“The machine’s unique brewing chamber is spectacular to watch, the handpicked loose leaves dance and this is where the magic happens, and what differentiates it from the everyday tea most people make at home.

She added: “This is a first for us, to have Tea Fusion served from a tricycle and it really increases the element of theatre and makes the captivating brewing process even more visible. We think it’s great!”