The Urban flyer, it’s not an urban myth or science fiction it’s our state-of-the-art Rickshaw – take a look…

Rickshaws offer environmentally sound quiet and fun transportation there also a great way to earn a living.

Our state-of-the-art Rickshaws are fitted with seat belts and can carry 2/3 passengers in regal style and comfort. High advertising revenue from businesses such as hotels, theatres, restaurants etc are another reason why Rickshaws have become popular throughout the UK.

Urban Flyer Rickshaw         

The Urban Flyer is the most popular choice among Rickshaw/Pedicab riders. The design fully conforms to the Transport for London and Public Carriage Office guidance, including all essential safety features. Thanks to its modern and innovative design, The Urban Flyer is one of the lightest Rickshaw/Pedicabs available, with a total weight of circa 69kg. The Urban Flyer has already received great feedback from all our clients for being functional, comfortable, safe, and easy to maintain.

Dimensions and weight:

Vehicle weight   Approx 69kg

Max payload       3 passengers not exceeding 220kg plus 90kg rider, 310kg in total

Length  2550mm x  Width 1200mm x Height 1790mm  Seat Width 1160mm


Prices Starting from

Urban Flyer Rickshaw   £5,450 + Vat

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