Trying to get noticed? shout your name, do a funky dance, wear a funny hat, or why not customise one of our BRANDED bicycles with your company logo and branding…

Eye catching
mobile advertising!!!!

Urban Tricycle specialise in mobile branded bicycles advertising. We have many different solutions that cover both our branded bicycles and tricycles. We can also supply customised projects, depending on your mobile marketing requirements, including customised branding and whole bicycle wraps for unique mobile advertisement campaigns.

Branded bicycle       

We can customise our branded bikes with your company colours and branding. We can work directly with you, or with your advertising agency.

  • Ideal for independent businesses
  • Promote local events
  • Environmentally friendly
  •  Keep fit and healthy


Prices start from

Urban Classic £695 + Vat

Corporate Tricycle       

Why not acquire a corporate bicycle fleet! Call our Sales Team for discounted prices: 0800 970 4772. Urban Trycle provides fully branded bicycles to organisations who want to:

  • Improve productivity and save costs
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve their green credentials making them appealing to the public

Using a corporate bicycle fleet to advertise your product/company represents best practice at a time when we are concerned about climate change and means you will be assisting in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A corporate bicycle fleet is also an effective way an organisation can engage employees in the carbon reduction process. Our goal is to encourage a long-term sustainable shift towards energy efficient and clean forms of workplace transportation.


Prices start from

Corporate Bicycles £695 + Vat

Urban Tricycle specialise
in mobile and corporate
branded bicycles.

Call our Sales Team
for discounted prices:
0333 455 9072

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